Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Mother Mush

We babysat my sister's three girls one day...
I loved the snuggle time!
That's the name of my friend Melanie's blog, but it's totally how my BRAIN feels! Seriously. I have to focus so hard just to remember things, and do what needs to be done each day. My guess is that I'm low on something. Now to figure out what...

This blog has become a bit of a thorn in my side :)  It seems that once you create a blog, there is this constant nagging in your brain to post.  I look at my blog every morning when I check my favourite blogs.  Not sure why, since I never change mine!  Maybe I should make up a nice schedule and write down post ideas.  I often get these grand ideas and write blog posts in my head.  Unfortunately, they never make it to the screen.

So what's new in my life?  Well, I made my first ever trip in a liquor store.  I dragged my sister-in-law in with me just for some support!  I was looking for Vodka to make my own vanilla extract.  Once I found what I needed, the man at the cash register was like, "Could I flatter you for your ID?"  And I laughed and said he really didn't have to, I'm an old lady already.  When I gave him my driver's license, he asked me if I was making them in my basement... I got a kick out of it anyway.  I know there is no way I look that young anymore!

I did take some awful nighttime pictures of my vanilla making process, but we'll see if they ever get published here :)  I should have waited to make it in the morning, when the lighting was better, but I was impatient!  So come August, I will have 2 pint jars of yummy homemade vanilla.  I can hardly wait!

I've been doing preschool with Bria at home for most of the Fall/Winter, and she's really improving.  She struggles a bit with hand strength and coordination, so writing numbers and letters is difficult for her.  I'm really impressed with how well she is doing now, as compared to last Spring!  I'm going to miss our time when she goes to Kindergarten this Fall.  I'm thankful that it's still 6 months away.

Rowan playing games with Grandpa Friesen.
Rowan is thriving in Grade 1.  He loves to read, is excellent at Math, and I am afraid that he will be super bored next year.  That makes me sad.  I'd hate to see him lose his love for learning before he's even out of Elementary School!  I remember how bored I was in school... I got myself into plenty of trouble.

Emery is such a fun little girl.  She's so very determined.  Right now she's getting over a really bad head cold.  Hopefully it passes soon, so she can get back to her happy little self.

Keith got a new position at work.  One of his co-workers quit a couple of weeks ago, and Keith was asked to take the job.  So now he's working two jobs in the same office.  A little stressful, if you ask me!  I'm hoping that soon someone will be hired to take his old position.

Saturday morning snuggles after bath time.
What else is new?  Not really sure :)  We are planning a family vacation this year, to the Black Hills!  I think it will be a lot of fun.  Our first real adventure as a family.

Oh, and I'm also planning a Ladies' Retreat for our church!  With the help of some great ladies, of course :)  I can hardly wait!

On top of all the normalcies of life, I'm also trying my hardest to learn about healthy eating, and what God calls food.  It's an interesting journey :)  I'm learning much from the Bread Becker's Website.  They have free video classes online.  The series entitled "Healthy Eating Simplified" is very interesting.  Sue Becker majored in Food Biology, and continues to study the effects of food on our bodies.  She is also a Christian, so much of what she says is supported by Scripture as well.  LOVE that!

Now I'm off to make some guacamole, and restore some order to my kitchen!


Mrs. Stam said...

Love this update :-)

Melanie said...

Me and you - samers. I have the GREATEST ideas at night for what to write on my blog... but do I remember them later when I'm awake? Nope.

And why did I not realize Bria is the same age as Kenna??? Crazy how our kids are growing up. Kindergarten, here we come!

Oh, and the title threw me off for a few seconds. I was like "Mother Mush"... but I didn't write anything yet on my blog... or did I?

Are you possibly low on Vitamin D? Just a thought. It's that time of winter.

Stacey said...

You could definitely be right about the Vitamin D. I need some sunshine!

Lindsey Dueck said...

So glad to hear an update! I have been missing your posts!

I have never been to the black hills but I would love to go someday soon! Sounds like a great getaway!

littlelamb said...

Hi Stacey. Loved your liquor store story! haha! just wondering if you're taking extra vitamin Bs? I was feeling the same way a while ago (stressed out and any thinking took too much brainpower) and started taking that, MUCH better now. The brand I like is Nature's Harmony. it's liquid, gets absorbed more easily and works faster. vitamin D good idea too.

Joelle said...

How did you make your vanilla? I tried making some and it turned out to be just vanilla scented alcohol. A tad frustrating after waiting 6 months to use it. Let me know how yours turns out!

Stacey said...

I am not taking any extra supplements. Just some probiotics. I'll have to check into the B vitamin thing, as well as vitamin D. Thanks for the tips!

I used 2 vanilla beans per 1 1/2 cups of Vodka, I believe. I cut open the beans so that the little seeds inside could float around in the Vodka. I'm hoping it will work! I also shake it whenever I think of it.

Ryan and Carly said...

The vanilla will be so fun! I'd love to hear how you make it :)

The Local Tourist said...

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