Friday, September 28, 2012

12 Weeks

How far along? 12 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I actually dropped a couple pounds this week, due to eating gluten free!  Amazing.  So my weight gain to date is 6 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Still enjoying maternity pants.  I've added in a few cute maternity tops too, just for fun.  I'm sure these ones will not fit me right to the end.

Sleep: Still only up once at night, unless I do something silly like drink a huge mug of tea before I go to bed.  Last night was kinda lousy!

Best moment this week: Listening to a tiny heartbeat again with my friend's doppler.  Seriously a sanity saver if you've ever had a miscarriage!

Movement: Now I know for sure that I'm feeling little flutters.  It hasn't stopped, and I'm loving it.

Food cravings: Nothing really.  Just always hungry.

What I miss: Still missing the normal flavours of food.  I'd love to eat my favourite foods and have them taste like they should.

What I am looking forward to: Having a more firm belly, instead of just the jiggle that is left over from my last 4 pregnancies.

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Ryan and Carly said...

Yay this is SOOO exciting!! Love the updates:)