Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Moving Update

In less than two months, we will be living in our new house.  It's hard to believe that our lives will be packed up and moved.  We have lived in our house since November of 2004.  Our kids have all been born since we moved here!  Only baby #4 will never know this old house.
Next week we go to sign the final paperwork at the Credit Union, and then everything is totally official with the purchase of our new home.  Yippee!!  Thankfully the bank assessment of the house came through positively for us, as did the assessment for our current home.  Speaking of which... the proud new owner of our house is my baby brother!  So excited for him!  It's a big step to purchase a home at his age (he's 8 years younger than me) and I wish him all the best.  The great thing is that he will have no real surprises in our home.

I'll be working on packing and purging our house in the next two months, hopefully doing it gradually so that I don't overwhelm myself in the last week.  Any good packing/moving tips?


Carmelle said...

This might not be a very helpful tip, but I love packing with diaper boxes. They are the perfect size for carrying and are usually very sturdy. You can probably start already with stuff you don't use in the 'every day', and also make sure to label your boxes. Makes it easier later when you are unpacking!
I enjoy the process of packing & moving :) Enjoy this very exciting move!

Kelly B said...

I hate packing and moving... hate!! So I definitely feel for you!!

My favorite packing tip is to leave all the clothing in the dressers and just remove the drawers when you pick up the dressers. Place the drawers back in as your transport the dresser(s) and then remove again as you move into your new house. No extra boxes needed.

Purge, purge and purge again!

And I"m not sure the distance you have to move... we moved 15-20 miles away... but I did a lot of pre-move packing and drop off and unpacking. Then we got to reuse the same boxes. And I tried to do one room at a time getting everything that wasn't essential.

it's always a lot at the end even with all the great planning and packing:) but it never lasts forever;)

The Pauls' Family said...

How exciting!!! I hope this can be a positive fun time for all of you :) Label, Label, Label.....nuff said!!!

Christine said...

Label your boxes on top AND on the side. So much easier for finding things later on. LOVE the house you bought!! I have always loved that house.