Monday, March 11, 2013

35 weeks 3 days

How far along? 35 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain/loss:  26 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Yup.

Sleep: What is that?  Seriously... getting up every 1.5 - 2 hours and then struggling with hip pain has made nights seem very long sometimes.  I'm still able to function during the day though!

Best moment this week: I was able to set up the nursery last weekend, just after we moved in.  Clothes are washed and put away.  We just need a bit more storage in the room, and I need to prep the cloth diapers.  Otherwise, we're ready!

Movement: Baby like to push really hard on my side for some reason.  I can feel little feet trying to poke their way out.  It can be painful, but it's also really fun!

Food cravings: I'm still craving snow.  It's starting to melt a lot now though, so it's not very tempting :)

What I am looking forward to: Hearing the news of my sister-in-law's first baby!  She's due in two days, and I can hardly wait to be an auntie to that little one!


Mama S said...

Looks like things are going well :-) And your little one will have a cousin close in age, that is always lots of fun :-)


The Pauls' Family said...

Glad things are going well!