Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mom Hair

Just before Holland was born, I decided to get a little trim off my hair. I wanted to keep it just long enough to fit in a ponytail.

I figured with 4 kids there was NO WAY I would have time to style my hair.

For the most part, that was true.  I still feel super rushed in the mornings.

But I'm ready to try and take some time for myself again.  Time to revamp the hair and buy some new makeup (I totally ran out of foundation the other day.)

So, I have a few pictures to show you, and I'm hoping for some great advice!

I'm incredibly inept when it comes to hair styles and styling hair.  I can do a ponytail, haha!  And I don't own a straightener.  I did once, and didn't like it.

My hair is super fine, thin, and lacking in volume.

Anyway, here is me, currently.  This isn't the greatest picture, but it does show my hair.

This is what I have done in the past, and loved.  The video is from a couple years ago.  It's fun to watch my cute little girlies in the background :)

This is a super cute pixie cut that I'm considering.

This is a cut I got a couple years ago, and regretted very quickly.  It just wasn't quite right.

So, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Love love your hair in the movie. Lil'Stace

Drea said...

huge fan of you with short hair and that pixie is awesome!!! my hair is super thick so if i get it short it takes a ton of work. yours looks like it be way easy to style short

Anonymous said...

I think the pixie cut would be so pretty on you!

Heather said...

Love the angled bob look from the movie. The pixie is cute - but not sure your face shape is right for it (based on the other very short cut)?

Niki said...

I currently have a pixie and am realizing that it's actually easier to have hair around chin-length. My hair is fairly flat/straight (with a teeny tiny wave to it) so if I just wash and go, it doesn't look great at all. I have to DO it every day or else I have terrible bed-head. I would say to go with an in-between length if you're looking for something easy but that you can put a bit of effort into to take it over the top ;)

Rose said...

For me, I have found short hair to be more work to style than longer hair. If you didn't like the short cut you had previously, I am wondering if you would like the pixie? I really don't know. All the best in your decision!

Carmelle said...

I really like the bob length on you! Sometimes I find that a little change/trim is all I need when I am ready to chop it all off, that's usually enough to refresh me :)
Post pics of whatever you decide!