Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Story formed

For the past few years I have been learning greatly from a wonderful woman named Sally Clarkson.  She is the kind of woman one could only dream of having for a mentor.  I can just imagine chatting with her over a cup of tea (something I know we both love).

Sally happens to be the mother of four wonderful children, the oldest of which is around my age.  Her name is Sarah.  Sarah has a dream of all children being able to grow up in a world of story.  She has written a great resource for parents called Read for the Heart.  I have used it several times to help me choose books for my kids.

Today Sarah Clarkson announced that her latest book is ready!  It's called Caught up in a Story.  She has a few giveaways going on over at her blog right now, in celebration of the book launch.  Make sure to check it out at www.storyformed.com!

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Randi S said...

I love Sally, too!