Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anger and other emotions

Right now I'm angry.  Things have kept building up over the last few weeks, and i don't know what to do.

Over a month ago, we took Holland to her Doctor so we could get a referral to the audiologist.  Before we could get to the audiologist, she got some kind of virus and was vomiting for a couple days.  Of course, the other kids got it too, and it was a marathon of laundry and cleaning for a week.

We went to the audiologist appointment that Friday, a week after Holland was well again.  We have had concerns for a while now that she can't hear.  The audiologist said she had fluid in her ears, so we needed to come back in a couple weeks and test again.

Meanwhile, she got sick again, this time starting with a light rash and then moving on with a very high fever which resulted in vomiting.  She kept nothing down for days.  When I took her to urgent care, I was told it was viral and would pass.  It did, after a week.

Then began the mysterious night vomiting.  She was 100% fine all day! and each night she would vomit far about 1/2 hour or less.  Then she would happily fall back asleep until morning.  No other signs of anything wrong. That started last Monday night and continued through til Saturday night, with the exception of Thursday night.

Also, every couple days, starting last week Tuesday morning, she has had the runniest poopy diapers I have ever seen.  All over her bed.  And yet, she is still fine all day.

She also refuses to drink more than a couple sips of water here and there.  

Her second hearing test was about the same as the first, still fluid that needs to drain before we will get any answers.

Today, after getting home from play group, I noticed that she has a goopy eye.  And now I hear her coughing in her crib.

Will it ever end?!!!

I'm just so exhausted with it all.  I am watching her lose weight when she is already petite.  It's overwhelming enough to think that she most likely is hard of hearing, never mind all this other stuff.  

Add this to brand new shoes being stolen at school, a well meaning daughter cutting brand new socks with scissors, and several other frustrating things, and I'm ready to blow.


Brenda said...

Stacey, I feel very discouraged for you. I will pray for you, that God will fill you to overflowing with His peace & strength & grace to carry you through this difficult & trying time. I pray that Holland will soon be healthy again and that her hearing will be okay. Annoying about the shoes and socks too. May the Lord provide for you all that you need and bless you as a family. -- Love, Aunt Brenda

Randi S said...

Oh man, sweetie, I'm so so sorry! I am praying for you that things will calm down. Ear stuff with kids is so frustrating. :(