Friday, February 13, 2015

One more Audiologist visit

Sitting in the office
Yesterday H called and asked us to come in one more time this morning.  He had some more options to share with us.

The audiologist who made the diagnosis is in another city and had sent Holland's audiogram to H.  He clarified a few things with her (let's call her "C") and wanted to tell us about it.  He also wanted to do another impression of her right ear because it didn't work that well on Wednesday.

Holland knew that the blue goop needed to go in her ear
Holland has more hearing in her left ear than in her right ear.  She has a severe loss on the left. Holland's right ear is right at the bottom of the chart.  All levels were above 90, so a true profound loss.  Some levels were above 110.

 H thinks that Holland may not be able to make much use of a hearing aid in her right ear.  We have to still try, since that is a requirement, no matter what.  But she may be a candidate for cochlear implants.

Waiting for the blue goop to harden
So, we are getting a loaner pair of hearing aids for her in the next few weeks.  We can use them for a while to see if they help her at all.  H thinks that because they have to amplify the right ear so much, it may just distort the sound so much that it isn't helpful at all.

So we don't have to purchase the hearing aids until we know if they actually help.  This is good news!

Of course, I dread the thought of cochlear implants, but I'm willing to do it if it will help Holland.  We are being referred to the cochlear implant program in another city.  We should be able to get information and see if Holland is a candidate for the surgery or not.

Also, we go see an ENT in March to do some testing into what caused Holland's hearing loss.  That will also help determine whether cochlear implants are an option.

In the meantime, I found a few fun products that we will use to help Holland in various ways.

The first one is to keep her ears dry because she has T Tubes.  I found these Putty Buddies and Ear Band-It for swimming.  We have a few plans for family trips this year and we want her to be able to enjoy the water.  The ear plugs will also be helpful for bath time.  It's tricky to wash her hair without getting water in her ears.

I also found  a product to help her keep her hearing aids clean, dry, and on her head.  Ear Gear sounds like a fabulous product and I hope it helps us keep track of those tiny little hearing aids.


Heather said...

I have a hard enough one keeping my own hearing aids out of the hands of my kids- I ner thought about how hard it would be to make a toddler keep them on and safe! I'm so glad they have loaners for you!!

S Club Mama said...

I have a friend who has twin boys with cochlear implants. Let me know if you'd like to talk with her; I know she'd be happy to share their experiences!

Meaghan Gessner said...

I'm a sign language interpreter, my husband is profoundly Deaf, and one of my sons is hard of hearing. I would be more than happy to answer any questions, concerns, thoughts you may have. Grieving this news is very common but know God has made a beautiful little girl and has a special plan for her! You can pm me on fb if interested.