Monday, May 04, 2015

Little update

The past few weeks have kind of flown by.  Not much to say or share, but I thought I would post a little something.  This post will be rather unorganized and random!

The weather has been amazing here for the past while!  Summer temps in April... love it!  I think we may have been close to hitting 30 degrees (Celsius) a couple times.  Needless to say, we have spent a lot of time outside!

Rowan and Bria are both doing well in school.  Just 2 months left and we will be enjoying summer break.  This year really flew by.  I know I didn't blog much (or at all) last school year, but Bria hated going to school.  It was really tough to even get her in the door to the school sometimes.  This year, she has been so much better.  Though she still struggles with getting ready fast enough in the morning.  She is not a morning person!

Bria also participated in acting classes from January to the beginning of April, when they put on a play that they wrote themselves!  She played Anna from Frozen, and she had a blast.  I think with some practice, she could be a great actor.  She memorized all of her lines really well.

Emery is having a blast riding her bike this year.  She only needed a few minutes to remember how it all works, and she was off and riding!

Holly has been showing some change in regards to response to sound.  She now turns to me when I call her name, which is so awesome!  Of course, with hearing aids, there is a distance issue.  We have to be close enough to her for her to hear, but I'm still really encouraged.  She also just started babbling in the past few days.  She says mamamamama.  It's really cute :)  It's fascinating to watch a 2 year old babble like a baby though.  They really do have to go through all the same developmental stages of hearing as a newborn!

Holland got a cute wooden puzzle for her birthday.  I think we must do that puzzle at least 10 times a day.  I'm glad she loves it, but it does get old after a while!

Emery and Holly have been taking turns being sick this past week and a half.  Emery started with a sore throat and double ear infection.  Then Holland got a nasty cough.  Now Emery is fine and Holland still has a horrible runny nose.  Both things have prevented us from going to AVT therapy for the past few weeks.  It's pretty disappointing because we need all the help we can get!  They just don't want any sickness in the building, and I don't blame them.  Hopefully we can try a session via Skype tomorrow.  If I can figure that all out.  I've never used Skype before.

Tomorrow Keith turns 32!  Crazy, I know.  He doesn't look a day older than 29... haha!

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I love your blog posts, Stacey! :-)