Monday, July 06, 2015


How does time fly by so fast?  Seriously, I didn't think it had been over a month since I posted anything!

It's been a month full of pulling first teeth...

Swimming lessons, during which we had our first ever tornado siren go off, which meant getting out of the pool and heading into the arena to wait it out.  No tornadoes touched down in our town, but there were some small ones just a ways away from us.

Just last Tuesday we had our driveway cemented!  That was pretty fun for the kids.  They loved helping tie the rebar and watch the workers fill the forms with cement.  And now, they are definitely enjoying the smooth surface.  In just a couple days, I will finally get to park in my garage again, after weeks of parking on the street!

As for Holland, I would say it's been a monumental few weeks for us.  Just last week I met with our audiologist at Central Speech, J.  He's pretty great.  He seems to understand Holland and her crazy awesomeness.  We were supposed to do a hearing test with her hearing aids in, but J decided that instead of putting her through the stress of something she totally doesn't get yet, we would just have a chat.  Which was good.  He asked me to fill out some paperwork and then a questionnaire that helped us to pinpoint where she is with her listening skills compared to where she should be at her age.  She has definitely made improvement in the past 3 1/2 months, which is great.

At one point J asked how Keith and I are doing and where we are at with everything.  That was my cue to tell him that we definitely want to go ahead with a cochlear implant for Holland's right ear.  See, up until this point, we hadn't really said yes.  It's been on the table, so to speak.  But I have been hesitant.  It's surgery on my baby.  It means a lot of hard work and therapy.  Though, who am I kidding; no matter what choice we make, it means a lot of hard work and therapy.  My biggest hang ups are the fact that she may have to have a CT Scan which would expose her to a lot of radiation, and she also needs to have a meningitis vaccine.  I don't really want to get into it, but I'm not thrilled with this.

Ultimately, knowing that Keith has always been very much for cochlear implants, and that I hear such amazing success stories, I finally gave in and decided that we need to do this, ASAP, so Holland can have the best chance at learning to listen and speak. We are hoping for a surgery date in early September.

And still, deep down, I really really want us all to learn ASL.  I think it's incredibly important for us to make an effort to learn a language that comes more naturally to Holland.  I just hope that I can find the support and energy to do it all.

Today Holland had her MRI.  I am praying that they got really good images so that we can avoid the CT Scan.  Holland was a real brave girl.  She didn't get to eat or drink until 12:30 today.  She had to be sedated, since it's pretty much impossible for a toddler to stay still long enough for an MRI.  She didn't even flinch when they put in the IV!  That was pretty awesome.  I couldn't even look.  I just held her tight while she watched.  It was the weirdest thing when they gave her the sedative and she instantly flopped!  I was holding her head while she sat there, and all of a sudden she was limp!  When she woke up, she was mad about the IV and the monitors.  But otherwise, she perked up once she had a little snack. 

Anyhow, I'm exhausted and I have a lot left to do today.  So off I go!


Mom :) said...

Always in our prayers!

Tracey Fehr said...

Praying also:) especially for the surgery - wisdom and precision for the doctors, floods of the Lords peace and assurance over you and Keith, love pouring out from the siblings and joy and comfort over Holland!